Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Brown Bag Journal

Ok..have you guys seen the post Michelle Ward did about suziblu ?? As Michelle says..."She rocks the pages"!

Soo...Suzi is doing an art journal class over on youtube and on her "vlog" . This week we're doing a "self portrait" in our journals.

OK...so I took a photo of myself (for refrence), then kinda drew myself...then "crayoned" (caran d'ache) it into my journal....don't laugh...

I made my journal pages from those brown bags you get at the market (give them a swpe of gesso first) .

So there is NO...zero..(gulp)... EXCUSE for not journeling!!


WorkingWords100 said...

Your self-portrait is very nice! Crayons are fine. It looks like oil pastels from here.

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Hope this helps!

michelle ward said...

hey girl! it's been a while since we caught up. good to se you posting here....love seeing your stuff. and how about that suziblu? she totally rocks the pages...and is such a great inspiration. happy to see you got bitten too.

hedwig said...

hi deborah, you've been watching suziblu too! (and thanks for congratulating me winnin michelles prize!) I took the self portrait assigment from suziblu too... see you!