Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ready for Fall!!!

Oh yeah...this is my time of year. I'm soo not a 'summer girl'. I dislike heat, burn easily (followed by freckels), get heat stroke, and generally just look ugly in summer. I've never had a tan (and believe me, I really tried when I was a teenager), and all the 'tan-in-a-tube products I've tried look just awful on my skin.

In anticapation of chilly days I've jumped into two swaps hosted by Melissa. Here is my offering for her "Dia de los Muetos" swap

I's not at all Hispanic...but I just moved to Santa Fe and I'm really overdosed on the style right now.

Next up is Melissa's Holloween ATC swap

I just love this crabby little witch in her "happy hat'!

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Judy Scott said...

very cool love her face!