Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anahata'sWorkshop pt. Deux!

Here is the second collage I made on day 1. Anahata had us working quickly, which was a challenge!! If you ever get a chance to join one of Anahata's classes...JUMP at it! I can' believe how much I learned and what a great time I had.

On the second day she had us work BIG! Here I am working away on my jumbo piece...yet to be finished!

Other than meeting and learning from Anahatha....just meeting all the fantasticlly talented and FUN women was worth the price of admission!!

Oh...and the "pizza wheel"!


m i c h e l l e said...

Hi Deborah! I just made a longer post about Anahata's class and I totally forgot about the pizza wheel trick!!! LOL!

LOVE your work! I'll be back to see what's happening over here at Ma Vie en rose.

misty said...

these are so very beautiful! I would love to have a class with Anahata someday...such lovely work!

erika tysse said...

So jealous, would love to learn how to use color! So lucky you are!