Monday, June 25, 2007

Everyday Notions

I'm still struggling with being creative for myself while designing TWO movies at the same time! When I get home after 16 hours of 'designing'... all I want to do is watch TV for a while just to turn OFF the "design switch" in my brain.

Tonight, however, I had a nanosecond to peruse my favorite blogs and came across Artsy Mama's fun challenge to find the art in the everyday stuff that passes through our lives. Her first challenge is to compose those things in a box.

As it happens, I've just returned from a whirlwind (2 day) fabric shopping trip to LA to buy fabric for my circa 1879 Western movie.... and picked up a few things for Melissa's latest "inchie" swap ( while I was waiting for my *gia-normous* order to be cut.

I couldn't wait to unpack and take this pix! Notice the vintage buttons (circa 1920), the amazing silk trim from France, and the organza from Inda!! There is also some pretty moss green Swaroviski crystals there that I found in my mailbox when I got home!

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ArtsyMama said...

So nice to see you playing along, Deborah!! This is a fun post. Love seeing all the goodies you picked up. Wonderful!!!