Friday, May 18, 2007

Birdie Goodness

I was lucky enough to get the very last wallpaper package from Pam garrison....but just look at this!!!

OMG!!! Such proshness....and on an envelope! I want to frame made me smile that much! new neighbor, (Olivia), hatched her babies last Saturday.

I've named them Mary-Kate and Ashley. They don't look very cute here (just hatched and all mouth), but they are looking better every day! Just to give you an idea of how eeny-beeny they are....those bread crumbs next to their nest are smaller than a dime! Mama Oliva is maybe the size a chicken egg when she's all 'fluffed up'!

I'll try to get a "glamour shot" this weekend. Olivia and her babies are quite symbolic for me. Having made a big, scary move....having little Olivia choose my eaves to nest in feels like a good sign!


Maggie Ann said...

You got a great shot of your new lodgers...=)

iHanna said...

They allready have names? How cute is that?! Yay for you girl!