Friday, April 27, 2007

Photoshop Phun (grrr...ackk)

Learning new stuff...and subjecting you to it!

I made this little thing for my best'est girlfriend ever.. SARAH... for her wedding!!

Say YAY for an "over 40" first time Bride!!!


michelle said...

deb - this is amazing! you are a pro! what a lovely lovely piece.

SARAH ~ wish you a day that dreams are made of and a lifetime of happiness together!

Lisa Hoffman said...

I have to say that your photoshop skills are roaring along, Miz E!
I spent 4 hours last week with a great teacher, fun but : "Oh, my HEAD!...."
Your colors are lovely and the layout? Perfect.
Thanks for juicy and joyous inspiration.

Maggie Ann said...

Very pretty...