Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Town?

I went shopping for 'the movie' today in Santa Fe (where I'm thinking of landing) with my assistant, Jen. I've been here many times on various films... and it's charming. We got several leads for a year rental....but I'm still terrified to make the leap!

Jen kept pointing out all the "hot men" at every turn....which makes me wonder.....when did stop seeing ...or caring about "hot men" ??!!

Clearly...I've been working way too hard!


Kirsi said...

Is there snow in picture? First time in Finland the whole winter without snow, warmest winter ever...

jenny holiday said...

"Hot Men" ..LOL!! so funny!!

xoxo Jenny

Misty said...

Santa Fe, Oh, that sounds so nice and warm.

That is a great photo!

Don't work too hard! I guess it is okay as long as you are having much fun while you work!

Great photo above, too!