Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Town?

I went shopping for 'the movie' today in Santa Fe (where I'm thinking of landing) with my assistant, Jen. I've been here many times on various films... and it's charming. We got several leads for a year rental....but I'm still terrified to make the leap!

Jen kept pointing out all the "hot men" at every turn....which makes me wonder.....when did stop seeing ...or caring about "hot men" ??!!

Clearly...I've been working way too hard!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A New Year!

Happy New Year to YOU!

So far, my new year has found me in three "homes"! Yes, since arriving in Albuquerque on Jan. 1, I've moved three times. The first place (OK and clean), didn't allow dogs. The second place (a motel room with a hot plate), smelled like a bar and every time anybody in the "residence"" (ha), flushed a toilet it sounded like a bomb went off in my room. Finally...after much haggeling...I'm back in the townhouse I spent time in earlier this year while filming "The Flock".

It's funny...when I was first "here", I thought it was kinda dumpy and couldn't wait to leave. Now ...I'm so excited to be back! It's not glamorous like the Vancouver loft was...but it has a fireplace, a full kitchen, two bedrooms, and the all important washer and dryer. the move, I lost my digi camera...and my scanner is in my all I can manage is what I can do with my (limited) photoshop skills and the images I have on hand. How great is photoshop!! Maybe I can inprove on it if I get a full night of sleep!