Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not a Totaly Grinch Christmas!

This has to be the most Grinch like Christmas I ever hope to have. Not only is my bank fraud problem yet to be resolved...I'm making a big life move to boot! I'm moving from LA to Santa Fe on the 31st and starting a new job Jan2. My entire life is being packed, donated, or thrown away. Ouch.

However, I can't help but have a tiny Bit 'O this is my (danglie) holiday card this year.
The back (which refuses to be photographed) has the four Metta Phrases;

May you be free from danger
May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you live with ease

And so may you all!

Merry Christmas!
Cindy-Loo Who


michelle said...

oh man....what a time you've had lately, and to be moving NOW? i wish you the best, with everything! congrats on the new job. hope 2007 brings you many blessings.
merry christmas.

ULLA said...

Deborah, sounds like your in the 'when it rains, it pours' phase of life... Good thing is that sunshine always comes out in the end! I hope you can hide the 'Grinch' behind the sofa for a few days and enjoy the process of change... May light and simplicity surround you! Hugs...

tiffinix said...

Wow! What a time to move! Oh my gosh well. . .congratulations on the new job! I am so sorry everything is in such upheaval right now!
Gorgeous danglie!! I so wanted to do that one. . time is not on my side.