Friday, September 29, 2006

Bird Journal

I took Celine Navarro's "Bird Journal" class today....what FUN!! This was only the second class I've ever taken and I can't even believe how enlightening classes are! Just looking at Celenie's "easy breezy" example was a big leap forward for me. Celeine is soo nice, encouraging, and *tres groovy*!

Even though the class was 6 was FAST! I think this alone was a huge help as I tend to "over fuss" and end up losing the very effect I was going for. Having to move so fast without thinking about it was HARD!!! I have tons of crazy-fun pages to work on....can't wait!

Merci, Celeine!!!


dwainmorgan54924385 said...
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michelle said...

deborah - this is beautiful! i love it! i get to meet celine later this month in nyc. sending your order this week!

Jenny Holiday said...

LOVELY!!! Cannot wait to see your next creations!!
xoxo Jenny

Lara Lorelei said...


Gorgeous journal, sounds like you had the best time


Lilli said...

Aren't classes the best!