Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Corner of the Garage

Here is the latest version of Sharon's book. I'm not at all happy about how it looks scanned (the colors are way off), but it gives a peek at how it's evolving! I'm trying to keep it "rough," in keeping with the theme....but in "real life"it's not as weird as it looks here!!

The cover of the book will be a dark wine velvet so that's what will be the "frame" to this spread and will tie in the seemingly odd color choice. What you can't see is how the sky glows in the dark areas. I used Golden's "Micaceous Iron Oxide" paint and it gives a luminous quality to the dark sky. The frame around the title and the name plate are rusted metal. I softened the "frame" with feathers and let the glue ooze out under the name plate then touched it up with gold and bronze paint. On opposite corners of the "frame" I put antique rhinestones that have turned a beautiful grey over the years.

I'll be tweeking this spread ...but for now I'm on to the next "page" which will include an audio CD burned for her listening pleasure ;-). I'm planning on making Sharon's book a sensory experience (sight, sound, smell, and touch) and will also be including incense in one spread!


Suzanne said...

This is gorgeous! We must me on a psychic link! I planned a CD too - and I'm using spices instead of insence. My jaw just dropped when I read that.

neilornstein said...

Sharon is in for a treat. The page is outstanding. My hat is off.

Altered Thoughts said...

OHHHHHh how nice! She will love it.

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